10 Great Ways to Care for your Upholstered Fabric Furniture

Taking care of your upholstered fabric furniture can be a tedious task, but it’s necessary one if you want to keep it looking its best. Understanding how to clean them what materials you have to use in order to clean them is the first step.

vacuum-sofaThe safest way is call in professional upholstery fabric cleaners to clean the upholstery. It may seem quite expensive, but if the fabric is damaged by an incorrect procedure, re-upholstery costs will be much higher.

It isn’t always possible to hire the professionals, so before you rush off and do this task yourself, here are 10 great tips to help you keep your furniture looking its best and avoid potential damage in the first place.

If in the unfortunate event that the fabric is damage, you can consider having it re-upholstered. This can work out quite costly but you may be able to reduce the costs by sourcing some discount upholstery fabric yourself. If you’re in the UK, Selby Soft Furnishings have some great fabrics available, maybe even the same fabric!


Try to keep your furniture away from windows. Windows are a gateway for dust and pollutants from the outside world.


UV rays also come through the windows and can quickly fade your upholstery. This will make it look much older and uncared for.

Some fabrics are less likely to fade than others so consider these options if your furniture needs to be placed in direct sunlight.


Avoid in house pollutants: Do not smoke up near your furniture and do not start a fire near it too. The smoke can ruin the look of your upholstery material. This is why, it is recommended that you avoid doing anything related to smoke and burning of carbons.


Always read the manual of the cleaning product and furniture piece if available. The manufacturer’s manuals are not for propping up table or a filling up a draw. Read then first before you begin using  using them and cleaning your furniture


Check the cleaning process of your furniture. Is the fabric dry clean only or if it can sustain liquid cleaning too?


Spot clean, clean of any stains quickly so they have less chance of permanently damaging the material.


Vacuum first. Fix the upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner and remove the loose dirt and dust. Some furniture can only be cleaning with light brushing and vacuuming so you’ll be safe doing this.


Apply the liquid or solvent for test first: Pick an inconspicuous place to test the liquid first before applying it totally on the furniture. Some Upholstery Fabric do not react will to some substances.


Blot the surface and gently wipe the fabric, do not use your muscular power to rub rigorously.


Do not rinse the solution: Do not be smart and use water to rinse the surface.

Upholstery dry cleaning- Best cleaning method for furniture

Upholstery cleaning is a method of cleaning the upholstered stains and spots on furniture pieces based on the type of fabric. Basically, the furniture items require different types of cleaning methods. Some fabrics can be cleaned with dry solvent and others may be cleaned with water. Before start clearing, you make sure what type of cleaning method does your furniture wants. Nowadays, the furniture item comes up with several different models, designs and materials that are used for different purposes.

The furniture item can accent the living room and make it very attractive and welcoming to your guests. If your home have the best collection of furniture pieces, it is very important to clean and maintain in a proper way. Upholstery fabric dry cleaning is an efficient cleaning methodology that helps to clean the pests, dirt and other minute particles lying on them. You don’t want these particles stay on your furniture; rather you should clean it by using proper dry cleaning methods. However, these methods will effectively removing all these pests by providing amazing upholstery cleaning.

Maintain the beauty of your furniture with upholstery cleaning services

Normally, the upholstery cleaning services are offered by the professional experts who have experience to provide effective cleaning service. These upholstery cleaners can help you to get rid of furniture like sofas and chairs from all kinds of pests, allergens, dust, stubborn stains and also absorbed sweat. The experts are normally using the correct cleaning equipments and products for any kind of sofa or other material and ensure your furniture in safe hands. You can also even try the upholstery cleaning by yourself and properly cared for your belongings. If you do not want to have pest-infested furniture in your home, you just hire the one for doing the cleaning job for you. These upholstery cleaners have worked well to make you enjoy some quality in your living room furniture without being fear to sit down.

Upholstery cleaning- Advantages

Basically, the upholstery cleaning is very simple to do by yourself, but some people may afraid to do that and hire a professional for doing job. There are some significant benefits available when you have professionally cleaned upholstery. Some of the huge advantages are given below,

  • Clean looking furniture is always better that looks clean and tidy, because nobody wants their guests to be seated on dirty furniture.
  • The upholstery dry cleaning is best choice of methodology for all furniture items that help to extend the life of furniture.
  • To clean your sofas or other materials, you just get your sophisticated upholstery material on a regular basis for longer life.
  • The upholstery normally gives a healthy clean indoor environment as well as removes the dead skin cells, bacteria, and dust and so on.
  • Regular cleaning of upholstered furniture will protect your materials and prevent the causes of fabric to break down.
  • By having upholstery cleaned, the rate of break down is gradually decreased as well as makes your fabric to lasts many years.

Tips to keep your home upholstery clean on a regular basis

Many home-owners worldwide invest in the most exclusive designs of upholstery furniture items. They have a desire to keep their home attractive in every aspect. On the other hand, they get much difficulty when they engage in cleaning these furniture items with usual methods. They have to identify and follow the best suitable upholstery cleaning method at first. They have to focus on the upholstery fabric and make a decision about how to clean the upholstery correctly. The following details explain how to clean upholstery items as efficient as possible.

The importance of the regular cleaning

If you like to prolong the overall life of your upholstery furniture and get a good return on investment, then clean this furniture properly.  A regular cleaning of the upholstery furniture is recommended for those who seek how to keep the upholstery furniture brand new for a long time. Bear in mind that fabric upholstery furniture requires the most special care in terms of cleaning. It is the right time to create and maintain a regular furniture cleaning routine.

You have to use the best vacuum cleaner to remove debris, dust and dirt in the fabric upholstery furniture items. Your furniture may have removable cushions. You have to flip, turn and fluff these cushions on a regular basis. This simple approach makes sure even wear and maximizes the lifetime of the upholstery furniture.

Feathers in cushions of your furniture may poke through the fabric when you vacuum as usual. You can overcome this problem when you vacuum with the best suitable upholstery attachment between cushions and fabric casings.

Clean fabric upholstery

The main reasons behind the maximum damage of upholstery fabric furniture items are dry cleaning and machine washing cushion casings.  If you dry clean your upholstery furniture fabric or wash cushion casings in your washing machine, then there will be lots of damages to the following.

  • Stitching
  • Backing
  • Fabric

You may seek how to deal with persistence or large stains on fabric of your furniture items. This is worthwhile to make contact with the most reliable upholstery cleaning company and get the professional upholstery cleaning service at a reasonable price.

There are so many upholstery fabric stain cleaners in our time. You can focus on unbiased reviews of these products and make a decision about how to keep every upholstery furniture item at home dirt-free day after day.

Day to day care

As a user of the most outstanding designs of upholstery furniture products these days, you have to be conscious on how you maintain these products without compromising your comfort and busy schedule. You will get the best result when you follow cleaning instructions from the manufacturer of the upholstery furniture.

This is advisable to plumb and turn every cushion on the upholstery furniture day after day. This simple effort aids in the maintenance of the overall shape of the cushion on the home upholstery furniture. You have to book and use the professional upholstery fabric furniture cleaning service after you make sure that you cannot clean the furniture properly.

Taking Care of your Upholstery Material & Furniture

When you purchase a piece of furniture, you are bound to get affectionate to it. This because of the fact, you have brought it to make your house more comfortable and beautiful; aesthetically, hence you will also give your due attention to it. You have to make sure your upholstery stays in the right condition to give you the maximum pleasure. And, when you have upholstered fitted fabric furniture in your house, like a sofa or a chair, you must take care of it. It is very important that you should maintain and keep all your upholstery material in top condition. Because of it, they shine and glaze 24/7 365 days a year. So, let us look at various few tips about how to perfectly care for your upholster so that they keep on adding charm to your houses and homes.

At the time of buying the furniture what should you remember?

sofa-fabric-leatherThere can be various reasons for you to buy furniture. Maybe you need it for more comfort, maybe you need it for designing, maybe you are replacing the old one with a new or maybe you have any other requirement. You should always remember few things at the time of buying the actual piece and at the time it is delivered to your house. Before you considering buying upholstery fitted furniture, make sure you have enough space in your house to place it and buy according to that specification. It has been noted that sometimes buyers ignore the space factor and end up placing the furniture at a different location. And, the utmost care for furniture comes when you place it in the right place.

Always remember about the placement of the furniture for better care

Some furniture should be kept away from the direct rays of the sun. Be sure about the placing and the position of them.  And, at the time of delivery, make sure you take total inspection procedure to check whether the furniture is in perfect condition and no harm has been done to them whilst in transit. And, if your house has wooden flooring, then keeping a protective felt below your new furniture won’t be a bad idea. This will make sure your floor doesn’t end up with scratches and vice versa.

upholstery-cleaning-dryWhat about the daily care of the furniture?

There are various ways by which you can take care of your Upholstery Fabric and furniture. Just remembering few things will make wonders for your furniture. In fact, when you have upholstered fitted fabric furniture in your house, you have to take some onus to keep them clean, new and tidy.

Here are the few tips which you can look at

  • Do what the manual says: You will always get a manufacturer’s manual with your furniture and there are certain ways by which you can upkeep your furniture. So following them is a good idea.
  • Clear off all the dust and the dirt: Use a duster or a machine, but always try to keep your upholstery clean and neat. Many cushions lose their charm if they are dirty.
  • Do not rub and drag water or any other liquid to take off stains; always follow what the manual says about cleaning.

How to Remove Stains from your Upholstered Fabric Sofa

Keeping a clean and dirt free environment is very important for you and your family’s person hygiene. Hence, it is up to you to maintain high standards in your house and keep your family away from illness and diseases. And, also not to forget about aesthetical factors, as, if you have dirty furniture in your house, you are sure to raise some eyebrows. This is why you should always keep your furniture and all other related objects dirt, stain and germ free. Hence, it is socially also very advisable to clean your sofas and sitting places. We all know cleaning sofas, which are upholstered with top quality materials, can be difficult and confusing to clean. But, following few procedures and knowing all the basics of the sofa cleaning, you can get going with it alone. And, what is more, with few tips, you easily do it in your home by your own. So, no need to spend chunk of money and call the professionals to get rid of your sofa and upholstery stains and spots.

Remove the covers in order to clean your sofa stains

If you sofas have covers, then it is very easy just to open them up and cleaning them, either by hand or by a washing machine. You can even give these covers to a professional cleaner and get them cleaned by them. This why, you will not disturb the whole sofa setting and even get your work done in the perfect way. Also, if you wash these covers, then you can dry them easily at a warm place. But, it is seen that most sofa do not have covers on them and the Upholstery Material is fixed upon them.

The right and the correct procedure to remove stains from a sofa

cleaning-suppliesIf you feel that there only a small spot which you want to remove from the surface, then operating on that exact part is preferable. You can use things like a wet cloth or baby wipes to instantly remove all fallen stains on your upholstery. This will insure that your sofa remains stain free and looks immaculate in general. Also, if you full fledge want to clean your sofa; it is better to vacuum the area first before applying any solution over them. This is done because if the dirt mixes up with your solution and you clean over both, the dirt and the surface, then your surface will get spoilt.

What are the perfect tools which you should use to clean a sofa?

There are various types of solution available in the market to clean and clear all the stains and spots of your sofa and its upholstery. But, you have to be aware of what you use, as various Upholstery Fabric react differently to different solution. But, if you want to clean your sofa, you basically need these tools:

  • A small vacuum cleaner
  • Solution or solvents meant for sofa cleaning
  • Water
  • A piece of clean cloth
  • Baby wipes