10 Great Ways to Care for your Upholstered Fabric Furniture

Taking care of your upholstered fabric furniture can be a tedious task, but it’s necessary one if you want to keep it looking its best. Understanding how to clean them what materials you have to use in order to clean them is the first step.

vacuum-sofaThe safest way is call in professional upholstery fabric cleaners to clean the upholstery. It may seem quite expensive, but if the fabric is damaged by an incorrect procedure, re-upholstery costs will be much higher.

It isn’t always possible to hire the professionals, so before you rush off and do this task yourself, here are 10 great tips to help you keep your furniture looking its best and avoid potential damage in the first place.

If in the unfortunate event that the fabric is damage, you can consider having it re-upholstered. This can work out quite costly but you may be able to reduce the costs by sourcing some discount upholstery fabric yourself. If you’re in the UK, Selby Soft Furnishings have some great fabrics available, maybe even the same fabric!


Try to keep your furniture away from windows. Windows are a gateway for dust and pollutants from the outside world.


UV rays also come through the windows and can quickly fade your upholstery. This will make it look much older and uncared for.

Some fabrics are less likely to fade than others so consider these options if your furniture needs to be placed in direct sunlight.


Avoid in house pollutants: Do not smoke up near your furniture and do not start a fire near it too. The smoke can ruin the look of your upholstery material. This is why, it is recommended that you avoid doing anything related to smoke and burning of carbons.


Always read the manual of the cleaning product and furniture piece if available. The manufacturer’s manuals are not for propping up table or a filling up a draw. Read then first before you begin using  using them and cleaning your furniture


Check the cleaning process of your furniture. Is the fabric dry clean only or if it can sustain liquid cleaning too?


Spot clean, clean of any stains quickly so they have less chance of permanently damaging the material.


Vacuum first. Fix the upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner and remove the loose dirt and dust. Some furniture can only be cleaning with light brushing and vacuuming so you’ll be safe doing this.


Apply the liquid or solvent for test first: Pick an inconspicuous place to test the liquid first before applying it totally on the furniture. Some Upholstery Fabric do not react will to some substances.


Blot the surface and gently wipe the fabric, do not use your muscular power to rub rigorously.


Do not rinse the solution: Do not be smart and use water to rinse the surface.

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